Understand THIS! (Seek Help)

If you chose to adopt an instrument- would you seek professional guidance? An instructor who would gradually teach you the necessary? Or would you embark on that journey alone?

Training is no different.

Your decision requires guidance. One-on-one instruction, or the embrace of literatures, videos, and workshops in the area of said concern, so understand this!!! And DO NOT begin this fitness journey without a proper understanding of what’s being done, or an objective eye.

You only have one body to play with- respect it, care for it and let it realize its full potential.

Seek an objective eye… Or go article/YouTube crazy on “how to” material. 
Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

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1000 M Row & 2Sets of 10 Bulgarian Split Squats

Work-Up to a Heavy Deadlift (Keep the lifts integrity)


3×2 3″ Deficit Deadlifts with 75% of the HS (Rest 2 minutes between sets)


5 Sets of

6xHanging Leg Raises- 2xKB Armour Complexes (2 Cleans/1Press/3Squats)- and 3 Burpee PullUps

rest 90″ between sets


3 Sets:

15 KB Swings – 10 Kneeling Dumbbell OverheadPress


2 Sets of Waiter Carries- Dips Near Failure

10 Minute Mobility/Stretch

Note: The way you practice is the way you’ll perform it,;so ensure proper technique, stay conservative and keep every lifts structural integrity intact.

You won’t get super fit over night- it’s a consistent process… So trust it and enjoy it.

Purposeful Movement

I generally reserve the word “fitness” for a family of interrelated movement cultures that are unique in their metrics of understanding “fitness.”  I also reserve the word “fit”- for a family of organized and structured musculatures that are inherently universal in their aesthetic appeal. It includes abdominal muscularity and hypertrophic muscles of the torso, certainly, but extends to other forms and physiques that are “in dialogue” with the traditions of being in “jacked,” “in shape,” or “fit.”

In my organic perspective- fitness and looking good share a positive correlation and can both be realized with both hard work and dedication.
I am a Powerlifting Strongman who Crossfits regularly and enjoys the art of Bodybuilding, but whos roots stem from Martial Arts.

I’m a man of leisure, a cigar/Whiskey enthusiast -an intellectual(sometimes), a lover and a friend!
This blog will primarily consist of random thoughts, and simplified/free programming.

Simplicity is Beautiful


50 Calorie-Assault Bike or 75 Calorie Row

Work up to a Heavy Triple Bench Press
4×6 With 80% of the Heavy Triple

5 Sets:

6 ChinUps- 8 Ball Slams- 10 Compound PushUps rest 60″ Between sets

2 Sets:

50 Pace Farmers Walk (challenging)

Dips Near Failure


1000 M Row (For Time)


10:00 Mobility/Stretch Cool Down