1000 M Row & 2Sets of 10 Bulgarian Split Squats

Work-Up to a Heavy Deadlift (Keep the lifts integrity)


3×2 3″ Deficit Deadlifts with 75% of the HS (Rest 2 minutes between sets)


5 Sets of

6xHanging Leg Raises- 2xKB Armour Complexes (2 Cleans/1Press/3Squats)- and 3 Burpee PullUps

rest 90″ between sets


3 Sets:

15 KB Swings – 10 Kneeling Dumbbell OverheadPress


2 Sets of Waiter Carries- Dips Near Failure

10 Minute Mobility/Stretch

Note: The way you practice is the way you’ll perform it,;so ensure proper technique, stay conservative and keep every lifts structural integrity intact.

You won’t get super fit over night- it’s a consistent process… So trust it and enjoy it.


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