Purposeful Movement

I generally reserve the word “fitness” for a family of interrelated movement cultures that are unique in their metrics of understanding “fitness.”  I also reserve the word “fit”- for a family of organized and structured musculatures that are inherently universal in their aesthetic appeal. It includes abdominal muscularity and hypertrophic muscles of the torso, certainly, but extends to other forms and physiques that are “in dialogue” with the traditions of being in “jacked,” “in shape,” or “fit.”

In my organic perspective- fitness and looking good share a positive correlation and can both be realized with both hard work and dedication.
I am a Powerlifting Strongman who Crossfits regularly and enjoys the art of Bodybuilding, but whos roots stem from Martial Arts.

I’m a man of leisure, a cigar/Whiskey enthusiast -an intellectual(sometimes), a lover and a friend!
This blog will primarily consist of random thoughts, and simplified/free programming.


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