WarmUp400M Run

20’Band Tears

10′ Shoulder Dislocaters (PVC Pipe)

5×3 Strict OHP @75%


4×4 PushPress @80%(of your strict Press)

3×15 Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press 

3×10 Strict Hanging Leg Raises

15 Minute “AMRAP”

12 KB Swings

9 Dumbbell PushPress (50s)

6 ChinUps

30 Battle Rope Slams or 3 Burpee BoxJumps

12 Minute EMOM

Minute 1: 150M Row

Minute 2: 5-7 Strict Handstand push-ups OR 10-15 Pushups (feet elevated
2 Sets

25 Lateral Dumbbell Raises

25 Front Dumbbell Raises

5 Minute of Accumulated Hanging

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