5/23/2015 Easy Day

At a moderate intensity!

15 Minutes:

Minute 1: 10-15 Calorie Row

Minute 2: 8-10 PushUps

Minute 3: 15 KB Swings

Repeat 5x

12 Minutes:
Minute 1: 8-10 Calories on Assault Bike

Minute 2: 1-2 KB Armor Complexes (2 Clean-1Press-3 Front Squats)

Minute 3: 6-12 Hanging Leg Raises

Repeat 4x

9 Minutes:

Minute 1: Max Effort SitUps

Minute 2: 10-12 Ball Slams

Minute3: Back Extensions

Repeat 3x

6 Minutes of Steady State Cardio.

Run, Bike, Swim, Row, Skierg, etc
The objective today is to move! – To work between 80 & 85% effort. Today shouldn’t feel stressful. 


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